On Being Meta


SO, I’ve been trolling around wordpress and the internet in general, looking for both blogs like mine, and places that post the kind of thing I like to write. Here’s what I’ve noticed and what was, at first, baffling to me: there’s any number of book review sites, freelance writer hubs, and blogs with posts like “Ten tips for the perfect plot” or “This writing tip will blow your mind”.  However, its been a legitimate struggle to find actual quality content out there, with stories or even original essays actually written by the same person who is posting them.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t places out there that do that exact thing, I’ve found some awesome blogs with great original content. I’m not here to say writing about how to write is a bad thing either, far from it, I think that its an important niche market, one which I’ve definitely availed myself of from time to time.

So then, the question is, why isn’t there more original content out there? I have some theories.

First, I think it’s because writing meta content is just easier than the alternative. Creative writing, whether it’s reporting, autobiographical, or pure fiction, is hard. It takes a lot of investment in both time and energy. That results in intermittent and rare publishing of content, and that isn’t necessarily the best recipe for a successful blog, with wide readership and high visibility.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if this process has taught me anything, it’s how hard it is to put out original content on a regular basis. Deadlines are the bane to my creative juices, at least thus far.

The second reason I think there is less original content around is that creative writing is a deeply personal process, and I think it’s hard for people to share their work, even behind the veil of a screen. Almost all of my pieces that I’ve shared so far are, in at least some way, a window into my life, my thoughts, and my worldview, even if the work in question if pure fiction. Even now, I haven’t really distributed this blog’s address amongst my family and friends, just because I feel tender about people I know reading stuff I’ve written. I know that this phenomenon exists for me, and I guess it applies to other aspiring writers out there too.

And I realize the irony here, folks, I really do. I’m writing a meta blog post that’s somewhat critical of how meta the online writing community is. So not to belabor the point, but I guess the TLDR version of this little essay/rant/whatever is this: if you’re a regular jane or joe, and you’ve got something you’ve written, something that you’re proud of, that makes you grin when you think about it, share it with the world. Don’t fall into the echo chamber of writing about writing, instead actually write something, haha.






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